Jet Orientation Course Scholarship 2016

EPSTThe Honourable Company of Air Pilots (HCAP) have opened applications of their 2016 Jet Orientation Course (JOC) scholarship. Two places are available courtesy of European Pilot Selection and Training (EPST) in the Netherlands.

The EPST JOC is specifically designed to prepare the newly qualified ATPL holder for employment with an airline and it should not be viewed as a refresher course say HCAP. Only in exceptional circumstances will consideration be given to someone who has previously completed a JOC course with either EPST or another provider, the course is not type specific. EPST say that pilots who have completed the EPST Airline Jet Foundation course (AJFC) have proved to be well regarded by potential employers. The successful candidates generally commence their training in early January following the selection process.

HCAP say that applications are invited from candidates who satisfy the following criteria:

  • Evidence of independent pre-selection prior to commencement of training;
  • Must have completed a EASA Commercial Pilot course with licence issued before 1 Sept 2016;
  • Average ground school pass mark of 85% or higher at ATPL level with no resits;
  • Average assessment of 3 (good) or better in simulator performance, progress test scores, and team skills;
  • Instrument Rating and Commercial Skills Test pass at first attempt;
  • Overall course flying assessment at average 3 (good) or better.

The first step in the application process is to complete the appropriate form (on the HCAP website at Applications may be submitted by post or by email but must be received by 5pm latest on 28 September. Applications received after this time will not be considered. HCAP say that applicants are welcome to call the office to check on safe receipt and that they do acknowledge receipt of all application forms by email.

The selection process will commence in October 2016 and will possibly include interviews in London The process will be conducted by Air Pilots in line with their policy of fairness and equality of opportunity.

Author: FTN

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