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Kura launch ‘BESTPILOT’ modular pathway

Stratford-Upon-Avon based Kura Aviation have launched what they say is a new training route for aspiring professional pilots, incorporating the quality training and risk reduction measures of an integrated training programme, with the attractive pricing of the modular training route.


The BESTPILOT Modular Pathway has been developed by Kura Aviation Limited C.IC. in partnership with CATS Aviation Training, Tayside Aviation, The Ultimate High Academy and Virtual Aviation Flight Training. Kura say that each of these training organisations is a highly regarded specialists in their respective sectors.

Kura’s say that while the structure and content of the training footprint for the BESTPILOT Modular Pathway parallels the philosophy of an integrated training programme, Kura’s competency-focused professional development training, combined with advanced CRM Simulator training, has created a programme that bridges the gap between the skills and competencies required for licence issue and those demanded of airlines when recruiting new First Officers.

Kura’s Managing Director Isobel Hall said, “For many aspiring pilots the high cost of training combined with the uncertainty of employment, means the risk associated with joining the profession is simply too high. That’s not good for the individual or the industry but it is a reality. We believe it is possible to create more opportunity for more individuals to access the profession by driving the cost of training down whilst maintaining risk reduction benefits and the very high level of quality required by the airlines. The BESTPILOT Modular Pathway achieves this”.

Jim Watt, Managing Director of Tayside Aviation added, “We are delighted to form part of the BESTPILOT Modular Pathway. We are able to bring 49 years of experience to the programme which brings together all the advantages of the integrated and modular routes without the high cost, high risk path. It’s great to be working with delivery partners who have the same ethos as us – to deliver high quality at an affordable cost”.

Full details of the ‘BESTPILOT’ program can be found at the Kura website:


Author: Adrian Mahovics

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