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Free tickets available for Pilot Careers Live – Leeds


The next 2017 Pilot Careers Live show will be held in Leeds on the 8th July. As well as around 20 exhibitors (including Flight Training News), there will be a programme of seminars including:

Panel: Should I get an aviation degree?

A selection of students, faculty and pilots talk about aviation degrees, answer your questions and help you decide whether the university route might be the right one for you


The RAF Careers department will be presenting on what you can expect from a career as a military pilot, giving information on the lifestyle, its global operations, the nature of the flying and the requirements for application

Are you fit to fly? 

Aviation medical doctor, Dr I Sibley-Calder, will explain what the medical requirements are for pilots entering the career.


Leeds Bradford-based airline, Jet2.com, shares advice for new pilots looking to break into the airline industry.

Pilot training: cadet insight

Ask a panel of pilot cadets about their training journey and experiences at this open forum session.


To obtain your free ticket for the event, please go to https://www.pilotcareernews.com/live/leeds/#tickets and enter the code AFE17 in the ‘promotion code box’ on the ticket page.

Author: Adrian Mahovics

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