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UK airspace change consultation closes soon

On 31 March 2017, the CAA launched a consultation on the draft guidance document that supports the new process for assessing airspace changes.

The design of controlled airspace is set out in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). The CAA makes decisions about whether published designs can change, and say that they make those decisions in accordance with the legal and policy framework set by Government. The CAA has re-designed the process that anyone proposing (or ‘sponsoring’) a change must go through. The process includes public engagement as part of the design process, as well as options appraisals to produce comparable evidence about the design options.


In addition to the CAA’s decision-making role on the published design of airspace (in the AIP), the Government has consulted on policy proposals that would give the CAA a role on other types of changes to airspace (Reforming policy on the design and use of UK airspace).   This consultation is now closed and the Government is currently analysing feedback.  The Government’s policy consultation proposed a three-tiered structure for categorising changes to the design of airspace or the way airspace is used. This is summarised in our consultation document and in the draft guidance.

The deadline for responses is 30 June 2017, so with less than 10 days left to respond the CAA is reminding interested parties that they must move quickly to have their say. Those wishing to comment are directed to the dedicated consultation website, Citizen Space.

Author: Adrian Mahovics

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