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Mike Langley Foundation latest auction

The latest monthly prize on the Mike Langley Foundation website is a combined Vulcan and B737-800 simulator experience.


A unique and exhilarating simulator ride, this prize offers a unique opportunity to pilot both the B737-800 series airliner and the legendary Avro Vulcan bomber, the latter in the only Vulcan simulator in the world. This experience starts with a full briefing from the instructor, followed by an hour in the full B737-800 simulator, sharpening flying skills on the world’s most popular airliner. After a brief comfort break it is back to the simulator to sample flight in the Avro Vulcan ‘V-bomber’, where you will get to practice the thrill of low level flying, the precision needed to successfully refuel in flight and the power of four Olympus engines as you climb at over 16,000 feet per minute.

This prize has been donated by Virtual Aerospace and at the time of writing, the winning bid is just £300.

The Mike Langley Foundation is a charitable trust that aims to help those with a dream to become a commercial airline pilot, those with the passion to succeed but without the financial means. Through funding initiatives and scholarships, the foundation aims to widen access to the aviation profession.

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Author: Adrian Mahovics

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