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Anyone remember the Dukes of Hazzard?

So, hands up everybody who hasn’t dreamed of flying inverted under a bridge once in a while?… Not just us, then? But, as there may be young and impressionable readers out there, FTN can only condemn the antics of one LeRoy Moore Jr. of Mount Vernon, Kentucky who apparently did precisely that, at Laurel Lake, not so long ago. Its maybe not surprising that the law took a dim view and after being charged with unlawful low level aerobatics, and breaking the 500 foot rule, Mr Moore Jr was fined $25 dollars for each offence. We at FTN Towers are not sure which is more shocking, the act itself, or the, ahem, rather modest fine. We rather suspect that a CAA-derived fine might have had somewhat more noughts attached.

Perhaps more seriously in the eyes of US law, Mr Moore was also charged with littering, apparently due to the seven beer cans which parted company with the aircraft during the inverted phase of the, err, mission. The press reports neglect to say whether the cans were full or empty, but there must be suspicion that alcohol played its part in the manoeuvre. If you Google ‘Laurel Lake bridge’ it’s quite a big structure, but even when sober it would present a significant challenge to the reckless aviator.


But it’s in the aftermath of the court hearing that the Dukes of Hazzard reference comes in (and if you’re too young to remember the TV series go look it up, it’s worth it). It seems there was an exchange of views between the pilot and the local law enforcement in court, with the last word to going to the pilot, made in response to remarks by Boss Hogg – sorry, that should read Sheriff John Root:

John Root can kiss my ass, he’s just pissed off because he don’t have cool ass planes like I do.”

We seriously can’t condone the reckless flying in any way whatsoever, obviously, but that is one helluva put-down.

Author: Adrian Mahovics

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