IASA Makes Progress

Since FTN reported the creation of the Irish Aviation Students Association (IASA) two years ago, the organisation has been working to provide platforms for secondary, third level and postgraduate students, and young professionals, to network and learn about the aviation industry.

IASA Annual Symposium logo

In the last 12 months IASA has hosted events targeting students and young professionals across Ireland through initiatives it calls Career Slingshots and Junior Aviation networking, and has attended events such as Pilot Careers Live and the Aviation Summit, with the aim of providing independent advice and encouragement not just for would-be pilots, but also for students in other aeronautical disciplines such as ATC, engineering, finance, law and management. IASA says it has had contact with more than 2000 students so far, and its aim is to double that number by the end of this year.

Plans for further growth over the next 12 months start with its third annual symposium. This year’s theme is Digital Transformation and the intention is to attract students and professionals from all areas of aviation including MROs, airlines, leasing companies and airports. IASA tells us it presents an opportunity to learn about the various technologies that companies use, for example to interface with their customers, enhance their in-house capabilities, increase their efficiency, help cut costs, maintain IT security, and so-on.

IASA is inviting anyone considering a career in aviation and wanting to develop their skills, or stay up to date with current trends, to attend its annual symposium this October 11th at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Dublin. Further details of events and membership can be found on the Association’s website at iasa.aero.

Author: Adrian Mahovics

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