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Hong Kong Scholars gain PPLs in Scotland

Two scholarship winners from Hong Kong have received their ‘wings’ after travelling to Scotland for flying lessons.

Huen Siu Ming (Felix), aged 22, and 23 year old Ng Man Tsun (Jason) have completed Tayside Aviation’s 45-hour, six-week programme to attain their Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL). Tayside Aviation train around 16 Hong Kong students each year and the two students are now likely to pursue their commercial pilot’s licence which may lead them into one of the major airlines in Hong Kong.


Felix’s training in Dundee was funded by the Hong Kong Aviation Club Foundation Youth Flying Scholarship, who sponsored both his course and accommodation.

Felix said: “Our training has been both fruitful and extraordinary. Having already done some flight training in Australia, I can say I have met the best instructors here at Tayside Aviation – they have been extremely helpful and, with their high standard of training and structured programme, I have been pushing my limits every day. On top of that, Jim and the team have given us lots of new experiences, including use of the flight simulator for commercial training, riding on a Seneca twin-engine aircraft, and visiting the air traffic control tower.  I have also met lots of aviation enthusiasts who have broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to new opportunities.”


Meanwhile, Jason’s training and accommodation was funded by the Dr Lily Fenn Youth Flying Scholarship, offered by Dr Lily Fenn Education Foundation Limited. Dr Fenn is a well-known solicitor in Hong Kong and the first woman to obtain both a PPL in fixed wing aircraft and helicopter. Lily is keen to inspire young people by offering them opportunities to explore and study different areas of law and aviation.

Jason said: “Tayside Aviation is an amazing flying school which provides a very high standard of training. The instructors are very experienced, the best of the best! The training and examinations are challenging and intensive, which is why they have nurtured so many excellent pilots over the past few years.

I have not only learned how to fly the aircraft safely but also gained a better understanding of the attitude and qualities required of a pilot.  Apart from flight training, we have enjoyed lots of site visits which have given us an insight into the different roles within the aviation industry.  The training in Dundee has been unforgettable and gaining my first pilot licence marked a milestone in my aviation journey.”

James Watt, Managing Director, Tayside Aviation added: “Both Felix and Jason have worked very hard to achieve the standards required. Demonstrating a great work ethic, they have immersed themselves in all things aviation over their time here. Dundee is an ideal choice for training as it has excellent facilities with full air traffic control and our students are introduced very early into the aviation disciplines.  We wish them the very best of luck in their careers.”

Tayside Aviation trains some 200 flying scholarships each year for the RAF, Air League Educational Trust and GAPAN. Tayside Aviation, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year has also held the Ministry Of Defence contract to provide the training for the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme since 1992.

Author: Adrian Mahovics

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