Left-hand & Right-hand Seat Differences

A qualified pilot was receiving instruction on flying from the right seat in a single engine Cessna aircraft. The first approach to land resulted in a go-around because aircraft was too high and slow.

During the latter part of the second circuit, the airspeed fluctuated and the instructor prompted the pilot several times when the instructor saw the speed reducing towards the targeted minimum.

At 20-30 feet and with a low power setting, the pilot began to flare, causing the aircraft to decelerate further and then sink. The instructor took control but was unable to prevent the aircraft from striking the ground heavily and bouncing before the landing was completed.

After the flight, the aircraft was found to be damaged, the pilot undergoing training reportedly had difficulty in monitoring the airspeed indicator from the right seat. The instructor assessed that the pilot was unaware the aircraft was high and slow at the beginning of the landing flare, because of being unfamiliar with flying from this seat.

From an AAIB report

Author: FTN Editor

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