PC12 SET rating at Biggin Hill

In a newly-ratified partnership with Jonathan Shooter’s Oysterair, Oriens Aviation are to offer SET rating training on the PC12 at their Biggin Hill base.

The EASA PC-12 class rating course caters for a wide range of experience, from the PPL (A) holder with instrument rating and a minimum 200 flying hours’ experience with 70 hours Pilot in Command, to the most experienced pilots.

We are delighted to be working with Oriens Aviation to bring Pilatus PC-12 training to London Biggin Hill,” said Oysterair Managing Director Jonathan Shooter. “We see this as a marriage of experience and expertise.”

We know that a big obstacle for Pilatus PC-12 operations in the UK is the lack of pilots. With the PC-12 classified in the Single Pilot High Performance Aeroplane (SP HPA) category, the traditional flying schools in the UK do not have such expertise. This is why we are pleased to team with Oysterair and their experienced specialist pilot instructors,” commented Edwin Brenninkmeyer, CEO. “We will be configuring our hangar facility accordingly to create a dedicated classroom,” he added. “Demand is high and we are looking forward to deliver bespoke training based on pilots’ needs.

Offering pilot training is especially close to Edwin’s heart. He started training for his pilot’s licence aged 14. An experienced PC-12 pilot and ambassador of Pilatus in the UK, he has amassed some 4300 flying hours and flew some 150 PC-12 demo hours in 2018.

The five-day PC-12 SET syllabus features:

  • 49 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction;
  • Theoretical Knowledge Exam (100 questions, conducted in-house);
  • Approximately of 10 hours of flight training;
  • Licence Skill Test (LST) with an examiner in a PC-12.

The first days are completed via an online learning management system affording the student flexibility with his/her time. Checking in at Oriens Aviation training at London Biggin Hill, pilots are required to sit a theory wash up day and then an exam, ahead of flight training.

Oriens is also partnering with Oysterair to offer two-day conversion programmes from ICAO/FAA licence to EASA licence; a PC-12 SET Class Rating, as well as difference training from the PC-12 to PC-12NG variants. Oysterair, which has been specialising in SET pilot training for four years, is already active at Lydd and Gloucester Airports with its PC-12 courses. London Biggin Hill will be its third base.

With the growing number of PC-12s visiting and based at Biggin Hill, our new base is well placed to meet the growing market,” concluded Edwin Brenninkmeyer. 1

Author: FTN Editor

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