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Skyborne to Offer Bespoke Simulator Training

Skyborne Airline Academy is launching Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation sessions in its Boeing 737 MAX FTD simulator with the aim, they say, to maximise cadets’ employment prospects.

The preparation sessions will take place at Skyborne’s Gloucestershire Airport facility and give recent graduates the opportunity to optimise their preparations for the recruitment process with their prospective employer.

Ian Cooper, Chief Operating Officer, Skyborne, said: “We are committed to ensuring all cadets graduate with the strongest chance of securing placement with an airline, and these Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation sessions give them the chance to prepare for the simulator phase of recruitment – a key part of the process.

Our highly skilled instructors have flown with the world’s leading airlines and are passionate about pilot training. With their detailed knowledge of selection, they are able to fully tailor these sessions to the individual’s requirements, working directly from an airline’s simulator briefing pack, and provide guidance on how to best prepare and perform to the standard airlines expect from a newly qualified airline pilot.”

Author: FTN Editor

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