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Air League Flying Bursaries 2020

The Air League flying bursaries support aspiring pilots with their training. They are intended for those individuals who require support either to complete their PPL and move onto the next stage of their training or for those who require post PPL support to finance their night rating, instrument ratings or similar.

In 2020, we would especially like to encourage applications from pilots who will use the bursaries to progress their careers in some way.

The bursaries are intended to help Air League members who hold a valid pilot’s licence to gain additional flying qualifications or to renew a rating in their licence. Alternatively, those who are yet to attain a pilot’s licence but wish to use the bursary towards specific goals such as ground school studies and exams or additional flying lessons may apply.

The Air League will preference candidates who can demonstrate how the bursary will help them achieve their career goals.

All flying bursaries, apart from those awarded for night ratings, must be completed by 31st October 2020, although the Air League will extend the deadline for night ratings to 30th November 2020.

The bursary amount will be for £750. All of the amount must be used towards flying training, there will be no further reimbursements for accommodation or travel. Priority for scholarships and bursaries will be given to those who are yet to have been given a scholarship by the Air League.

The Air League say that applicants can apply for as many different types of Air League scholarships and bursaries as they like, however an applicant will not be awarded more than one Air League Scholarship or bursary per year.

The selection panel reserve the right to choose the most appropriate scholarship or bursary where more than one successful application has been made.

Successful scholars will be invited to the Air League Annual Reception held at St James’ Palace in the Spring of 2021.
Applications must be submitted no later than 2nd March 2020 and applicants will be notified by May 2020 whether their application has been successful. The Air League reserve the right to telephone or video interview successful candidates.

For more details see: www.airleague.co.uk/scholarships/

Author: FTN Editor

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