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Air League 12-Hour Flying Scholarships Deadline Extended

The Air League has extended its application deadline for its 2020 12 hour flying scholarships to the 29th February, but has warned that there will be no further extension beyond this new deadline.

Applicants will need to be available for interview in March / April 2020 and scholarship winners will be notified in May 2020.

Flying training for the 12 hour awards will commence in May and all scholarships must be completed by the 31st October 2020.

In addition to the application criteria outlined in the January issue of FTN, the Air League say that applicants must be ‘happy to give back’. All Air League Scholars and bursary holders in 2020 must commit to volunteering for at least two Air League activities as well as one personal fundraising project.

This might be coming to help the Air League at air shows or other events, going to a local school to talk about experiences etc.

The Air League will be asking successful applicants to contribute in fun ways to help get more young people involved and excited about careers in aviation and aerospace plus at the same time, giving the scholarship winner fantastic new opportunities to develop and gain new friends and experiences.

The Air League also say that preference will be given to those individuals who are able to demonstrate a sustained interest in aviation and have taken some flying/ gliding lessons previously.

The 12-hour scholarships support aspiring pilots in their future career paths, be it military or commercial aviation. The Air League says that if you have not flown previously and want to explore a career in aviation, some of their new scholarship programmes may be more suitable.

For more details see: www.airleague.co.uk/scholarships/

Author: FTN Editor

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