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Skyborne offers Flybe crew support package

Gloucestershire Airport-based Skyborne Airline Academy are inviting former Flybe pilots to apply for a specialist Skyborne sponsored flight instructor programme, and are also offering three hours of free time in Skyborne’s Boeing 737 MAX simulator, to prepare for the simulator assessment phase of any future job interview, for those pilots wishing to continue their airline careers with other carriers.

Lee Woodward, Skyborne CEO, said: “The aviation community has been deeply affected by the collapse of Flybe. We understand how difficult and stressful life must be for those who have lost their jobs, so we are launching this support package to assist in job seeking and preparation. 

 “Through our Sponsored Multi Engine Flight Instructor Programme, focused workshops and free access to our Boeing 737 Max simulator for assessment preparation, we hope to bring some stability to those affected, as they focus on their next steps, and possibly explore a new direction in their aviation career.”

Skyborne launched its first Sponsored Flight Instructor Programme in June 2019 to foster the next generation of airline pilot instructors. This new initiative is specifically aimed at former Flybe pilots who hold an FI(A) rating (current or lapsed), who are looking for a new career in training.

Skyborne will sponsor the Multi Engine P1 requirement to meet the Multi Engine Flight Instructor rating requirement. Participants who successfully complete the programme will commence full-time employment as Multi Engine Flight Instructors at Skyborne’s base in Gloucestershire.

Access to its Boeing 737 Max simulator will be available up until 16 June 2020, free of charge to ex-Flybe pilots. Pilots will receive a one-hour briefing followed by two hours of flight training in the simulator.

Applicants for the Skyborne Sponsored Flight Instructor Programme, or those wishing to book time in the academy’s Boeing 737 Max simulator, are asked to email [email protected]

Skyborne Airline Academy

Author: FTN Editor

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