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L3Harris Launches ATPL Modular Training

Having previously focussed on integrated, one-stop training programmes for aspiring commercial pilots, L3Harris Airline Academy has now launched a new ATPL Modular training programme to complement its integrated training programmes.

For cadets who do not have the capability to undertake an 18-month intensive integrated course, the new modular training route with L3Harris Airline Academy will provide future pilots the opportunity to train at their own pace and to be able to pay as they train, rather than making large block payments.

L3 Harris’ ATPL Modular package consists of PPL training, hours building, Theoretical Knowledge, CPL, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and Multi-Crew Cooperation. The modules are designed to be stand-alone training courses giving the option to take breaks between modules.

The flying training modules, says L3Harris, can be undertaken at any of its European training bases. For the Theoretical Knowledge element, Eugene Moriarty, Director of Flight Operations at L3Harris explains: “Throughout the modular course we’ve focused on providing as much flexibility as possible. As such there are two options for Ground School (Theoretical Knowledge) training. Cadets can choose a classroom based programmed or a remote online course.

“The classroom courses will be run out of our new, state-of-the-art London Training Centre, near Gatwick, as well as Coventry. Due to COVID-19, anyone who joins the courses in the near future will start online but they will return to the classroom once appropriate.

“For those wishing to train in their own time at home, there is an alternative distance learning course where the majority of training can be undertaken remotely with minimal classroom days throughout the course.”

FTN asked if cadets will need to be assessed prior to commencing training, as is required for cadets enrolled on integrated course. Eugene Moriarty told us: Yes, there is a selection process prior to joining the modular course. Cadets will only need to go through this once even if they decide to train on more than one module with us. Currently, the selection process is online involving a numeracy and aptitude test as well as an online interview. If an applicant already holds a PPL they will go straight to the interview.”

We also asked if cadets enrolled on integrated courses would, in times of high workload, be given priority over cadets enrolled on modular course. We were told: Balancing priorities is critical to any operation and we must meet the needs of all our customers. Forward planning is the key to addressing the challenge and we will only schedule upcoming courses, both modular and integrated, when there is capacity. It is for this reason that the availability for our Modular PPL courses is only from January 2021 and for our CPL MEIR courses not until Oct 2021.”

Author: FTN Editor

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