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Winners of Ultimate Aerobatics’ 2020 award announced

White Waltham Airfield-based aerobatic school Ultimate Aerobatics have confirmed the two winners of the 2020 Ultimate Aerobatics Award.

The scholarships, created in partnership with Total UK, have been awarded to Kerrin Dutton (25) and James Williams (30), both of whom have ambitions to join the British Aerobatic Team.

The scholarship will give Kerrin and James five hours of training in the school’s Extra 300 and Pitts Special aerobatic aircraft, towards the grant of their aerobatics rating, ahead of starting to compete at British Aerobatic competitions.

The training will be delivered by Mike Collett, a previous British Aerobatic Champion and member of the British Advanced Aerobatic Team.

Mike Collett says: “Aerobatic training encourages individuals to broaden their knowledge of the flight envelope, improves their unusual attitude and stall/spin awareness and helps improve their flying safety. It is also a lot of fun! Competition aerobatics provides a structured way to develop your skills and to progress.”

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Author: FTN Editor

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