LEAL launches fully-sponsored LEAP/FI cadet programme

Commercial pilot aspirants have until 04 December 2022 to apply for what is currently the UK’s only fully-funded flight training programe, generously offered by Leading Edge Aviation (LEAL), headquartered at London Oxford Airport.

LEAL’s standard fATPL training programme, ‘LEAP’, has been adjusted to include a Flight Instructor (FI) rating for this fully-sponsored package. Successful applicants to the programme will complete LEAL’s LEAP training programme, gaining a dual UK/EASA fATPL and then continue to complete a dual UK/EASA FI rating before joining the academy as a flight instructor for a two-year period. After completing a two-year placement as a (salaried) FI with the academy, they will then be released to apply for their first airline position or alterntively may decide to continue their career as an instructor at LEAL.

The programme, valued at £115,000, will be fully-funded by LEAL with entrants only needing to pay for their initial assessments and subsistence once training.

LEAL explains: “The concept of employing the very highest calibre graduates as Flight Instructors is a well-recognised strategy amongst air forces and commercial airlines worldwide. For each of the six successful candidates this is worth in excess of £115,000 in training fees plus the guarantee of employment. An opportunity not to be missed.

“Our combined LEAP & FI course is fully funded. All you pay for is your initial skills assessment and if successful, day-to-day living costs. All your course fees and accommodation are covered by us during your training, and you are supported all the way by our comprehensive training guarantee.

“You will join the Leading Edge family and your training will be split across our campuses in Oxford, UK and Alhama, southern Spain. You’ll experience the wonderful 300+ days a year of sunny skies in Alhama, and the more complex conditions that the UK weather and airspace provide – continually supported by our outstanding team of Instructors and academy staff.

“Once qualified, your role within the family will change as you become a fully qualified Flight Instructor at our Alhama campus with a guaranteed minimum two-year bonded contract.”

LEAP/FI programme graduates will spend two years at LEAL’s Alhama campus teaching future intakes of cadets.

The training programme comprises:

  • Theoretical Knowledge Training
  • Foundation Flight Training
  • Advanced Flight Training
  • Advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training
  • BSc Degree
  • Flight Instructor Training
  • Dual Campus Experience including Fair-weather Base in Alhama, Spain
  • Dual Licences: UK CAA & EASA
  • Graduate Services

And the package also includes:

  • Training Guarantee
  • Accommodation during training
  • Uniform & iPad
  • Padpilot ATPL eBooks
  • Question Bank Access
  • Training Materials & Flight Bag
  • ATPL (A) Qualifying Exam Fees
  • Flight Test Fees
  • Wellbeing Support

Entry requirements:

  • Relevant Class 1 UK CAA & EASA medical
  • 5 GCSEs* grade 6+ (including English Language, Maths & Science)
  • Valid DBS criminal records check & GSAT
  • Aged 18 at the start of training

*or equivalent

Commenting on the new programme at its launch at the Pilot Careers Live event held on 05 November at Heathrow, LEAL Chief Exceutive Officer Andy McFarlane said: “I am delighted to be making this announcement today. We have long recognised that many potential students with the aptitude and attitiude to become excellent pilots simply do not have the opportunity to do so, due to the cost of pilot training. This, coupled with the industry’s need to continue to employ the highest calibre Flight Instructors, led us to create this new initiative. This is a fantastic professional development opportunity in which we are able to offer fully-funded professional pilot training to exceptional individuals with the passsion, drive and skills to learn to fly, and then take it one step further by giving them a real flying start to their career in inspiring the next generation.”

LEAP/FI fully-sponsored training programme

Author: FTN Editor

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