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Degraded Visual Environment training

Rotary flight training school Helicopter Services is launching a new training programme aimed at equipping pilots with new knowledge and techniques for dealing with flight in a degraded visual environment.

Flight in a Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) is unfamiliar, can be extremely challenging and ultimately lead to an accident, explains Helicopter Services MD and chief pilot Leon Smith.

“By understanding planning, avoidance and recovery techniques pilots can be better prepared to understand and avoid dangerous environ- mental situations. At Helicopter Services we are offering a safety focused practical course about the dangers of operating in DVE, detailed planning solutions to avoid these scenarios and, if the worst should happen, a chance to practice the correct avoidance and recovery techniques.”

The one-day training programme will be delivered using Helicopter Services state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) helicopter trainer. Instructors will refresh pilot planning techniques, work through practical solutions and provide an opportunity for students to get ’hands-on’ to physically practice

techniques that are normally only discussed in theory.

This course focuses on helicopter safety through detailed planning, Human Factors (HF) and inadvertent entry into DVE strategies. Heli- copter Services says that it is applicable to any helicopter type and is aimed at LAPL/PPL holders who do not hold an Instrument Rating.

Course content includes:

• Weather Refresh
• Flight Limits and Airspace
• Pre-Flight Planning
• DVE Avoidance
• Human Factors
• Introduction to Instrument Flight
• Inadvertent DVE Entry Strategy
• DVE Avoidance Practical
• Inadvertent DVE Recovery Practical

The one-day course will be delivered at Helicopter Services HQ at White Waltham Airfield in Berkshire and comprises three hours of class- room interactive training, one hour of planning and simulator training, and two hours of human factors training, with a maximum of 10 people per course, priced at £195 pp.


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Author: FTN Editor

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