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Aerobility launches fundraising campaign after turning 30!

Aerobility is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer, and three decades of introducing 10,000 disabled people to flight. The charity began life in 1993 as the Delta Foxtrot Club (Disabled Flying Club) and later the British Disabled Flying Association. In 2008 it became Aerobility and has bases at Blackbushe and Tatenhill.

With support from charitable donations and grants from businesses, trusts and individuals, Aerobility collaborates with all to deliver its unique activities. Additionally, the charity runs a number of government-funded projects to increase accessibility to the aviation sector for people living with a disability.

“It has been a phenomenal journey over the past 30 years, from a small group of disabled people who wanted to establish a club to support and promote disability aviation in the early days to now having some of the biggest names in aviation supporting us to achieve our aims – whatever the impairment, whatever the challenge, we will deliver aviation based activities in the sky and on the ground,” says chief executive at Aerobility, Mike Miller-Smith. 

To mark its 30-year milestone Aerobility has launched the ‘What’s your 30?’ campaign. The latest fundraiser allows participants to choose their own unique sponsorship challenge involving the number 30. This could include running 30 miles, to doing 30 push-ups, or baking 30 cakes!

“The difference that we have made to the lives of thousands of disabled people over the past three decades – many of whom had previously felt that piloting an aircraft or flying was beyond their capabilities – has been the most rewarding experience,” explains Miller-Smith. “And this year we are absolutely thrilled to launch the ‘What’s your 30?’ fundraiser as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.”

Funds raised will help Aerobility continue to provide life-changing aviation experiences and opportunities for disabled people, such as flying scholarships, virtual experiences and education activities.

Aerobility is hosting an online charity auction as part of the campaign to add an element of excitement and friendly competition to the fundraising efforts. Participants can bid on a number of unique aviation items and experiences, with all proceeds going towards supporting Aerobility’s programmes and initiatives.

“This campaign embodies the spirit of Aerobility, encouraging everyone to embrace their creativity, set personal challenges, and make a lasting difference. Together, we can ensure that more disabled people have the opportunity to experience the freedom and joy of aviation,” adds Miller-Smith. 

To sign up and get started with your fundraising, visit Aerobility.com

Author: FTN Editor

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