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Cirrus private pilot programme launched

Cirrus Aircraft has announced its new Private Pilot Programme designed to teach anyone to learn how to fly a SR Series Cirrus aircraft whilst gaining their pilot’s licence. Training will be delivered by a Cirrus standardized instructor pilot (CSIP) through a Cirrus training centre (CTC), of which there are currently 700 worldwide.

“Learning to fly and earning a pilot’s licence is what moves the personal aviation industry forward,” said Zean Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Cirrus Aircraft. “From day one, our mission has been to grow engagement and participation in personal aviation, and our new Private Pilot Programme makes that experience easier and smoother along the way.”

The private pilot programme includes 11 modules with 40 lessons that take students through the pre-study material, ground instruction lessons, flight instruction videos, performance assessment and quizzes.

Cirrus says the private pilot programme is a highly specialised training programme offering specific flight training content to learn to fly a Cirrus aircraft alongside a dedicated CTC and CSIP by leveraging study materials designed and written by Cirrus Aircraft’s flight training experts.

Designed and developed by Cirrus Aircraft’s pilots and experts, the private pilot programme is the  industry’s first programme that focuses on learning to fly an SR Series aircraft.

The Private Pilot Programme is now available through Cirrus Aircraft’s corporate-owned flight training locations and US Network Partners, with plans to roll it out worldwide in due course.

Author: FTN Editor

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