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Kilo Charlie Aviation to take delivery of 30 TECNAM trainers

Tecnam has announced that US flight academy Kilo Charlie Aviation has placed orders for a total of 30 Tecnam aircraft over the next two years.

Kilo Charlie Aviation is located near Kansas City at New Century Air Center, formerly known as Naval Air Station Olathe, a joint civil-military general aviation airport. The school has 96 students and was founded in 2020 by experienced pilot Robert Renfro and Drew Konicek.

The new fleet selected by Kilo Charlie Aviation includes Tecnam’s IFR P-Mentor and its twin engine P2006T.

Students start their training in a P-Mentor with a modern Garmin G3x glass cockpit. In addition to an already very stable platform, the aircraft will be equipped with the optional BRS ballistic parachute. After completing their instrument rating (IR) in the P-Mentor, students can transition into the P2006T twin engine to train for their multi-engine rating.

The first of 15 deliveries will be comprised of three P2006T and 12 P-Mentor aircraft, with the remaining 15 aircraft to follow after the last of these first 15 have been delivered.

“We are very pleased that so many American flight schools are choosing TECNAM to replace or upgrade their fleet. Today’s students are very demanding and deserve a brand new aircraft with the latest technology. We thank and welcome Kilo Charlie for their choice,” said Walter Da Costa, Tecnam Chief Sales Officer.

Robert Renfro, Kilo Charlie Aviation chief operating officer says,“We have been in a two-year process trying to find the right aircraft partner for our career flight training school. Once Tecnam presented the P-mentor we knew that all the work over the last two years had to be re-evaluated and compared to this aircraft. Safety and Technology are our two highest priorities here and after comparing everything it was without a doubt the best option for our school and students.”

Author: FTN Editor

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