UK AVGAS and AVTUR September price analysis

Fuel expenses are one of the biggest direct operating cost (DOC) any flight training organisation must face. Variations in global fuel prices directly influence the fuel surcharge rate charged by a flying school and student cost per flying hour (CPFH).

Over the past 12 months UK AVGAS 100LL prices have been declining after maxing out at 270 pence per litre (ppl) in August last year. The average price of UK AVTUR Jet A1 in September cost 123ppl after prices have been dropping steadily since March this year.

The average price of UK AVGAS 100LL in September 2023 is 239ppl, and maintaining a relatively stable month-over-month (MoM) average, after significant drops were recorded earlier in the year. Unleaded AVGAS UL 91 cost 230ppl in September and tracking a slight MoM increase compared to August.

In the UK the Midlands was the region with the lowest average AVGAS100LL prices in September  after recording a 214ppl average. Scotland was the region recording the lowest average AVTUR Jet A1 price in September at 116ppl.

Unleaded AVGAS UL91 had an average price of 249ppl in Wales and 232ppl in the South of England.

Concerns over an extended high-interest rate environment that could adversely influence demand caused oil prices to decline earlier in the year. Yet between July and September Brent Crude oil prices have since increased by 27% from $74.91 to $94.36 per barrel.

The Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East is further expected to create high degree of price volatility moving forward as the possibility of a wider and protracted conflict increases.

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Author: FTN Editor

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