Red Bull aerobatic experience with Matt Hall

Red Bull Player Grace Short takes a ride with Red Bull Air Race Champion Matt Hall in a high performance Extra 300L aircraft. The Australian YouTube and Twitch content creator says the flying experience was one of the most amazing opportunities she has had as a part of Red Bull so far.

In the video Short experiences what it is like to fly an aerobatic sequence that is not dissimilar to one completed during a typical Red Bull Air Race event.

The video also highlights the high level of fitness required to be a high performance aviation racing pilot. During the flying sequence Hall fly’s a series of 5G manoeuvres followed by a 8G turn making Short almost pass out and lose consciousness.

The Extra 300L race aircraft that Hall flies has a top speed of 220kts and can complete aerobatic manoeuvres up to its maximum 10G limit. Improved ailerons boost the Extra 300L’s roll rate to 400° per second.

Matt Hall Racing (MHR) offers Extra 300L aerobatic flying experiences for anyone “who is game to try”. The high intensity aerobatic flights can including loops, barrel rolls, and tumbles.

The 300L is certified under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations to allow the aircraft to complete passenger experience flights making it one of the most unlimited aerobatic passenger carrying aircraft in the world.

Author: FTN Editor

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