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Equal Skies Charter

A consortium of aviation organisations, currently comprising Aerobility, CAA, NATS, Biggin Hill Airport, Bristow, 2Excel, Saxon Air and the University of West London, have launched a research project into disability employment within the aviation and aerospace industries.

Operating under the label, Equal Skies Charter, the consortium is inviting aviation and aerospace organisations to complete a questionnaire to help better understand the barriers currently faced by disabled people working, or looking to work, within the sector.

“By contributing to this research, your organisation will be helping to effect lasting change in the industry for the next generation of disabled aviation professionals and service users.

“We believe in equal access to the benefits and opportunities offered by the aviation and aerospace industries.

“Disabled individuals are negatively affected by unequal job prospects, restricted access, and insufficient support within the aviation sector.

“Equal Skies, an industry-driven initiative, calls on all aviation sector members to sign up to a set of principles and behaviours that promote inclusion for people with disabilities.”

Equal Skies Charter stated aims include:

Identifying Barriers

To identify, understand and monitor the barriers that people with a disability face in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Collaborative Solutions

Work collaboratively with industry partners and government to devise practical solutions to overcome the barriers faced by people with disabilities.

Enhancing Disability Representation

To support the industries to increase disability representation in the aviation and aerospace workforce.

Enhancing Customer and Employee Experiences

Help the industries to use lived disability experiences to improve the experience of disabled employees and customers.

Unlocking Potential

Give the aviation and aerospace industries the opportunity to benefit from the skills and experience within the disabled community.


Author: FTN Editor

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