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Eurocontrol launches contrails database

Eurocontrol, in collaboration with Airbus and Thales, announces that it is establishing ContrailNet, a new network of European research experts to create a common repository of contrail observation data to advance the aviation sector’s efforts to reduce the climate impact of non-CO2 aviation emissions, in particular contrails and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

The aim is to make the common repository of data available to existing and future research programmes for these to be able to develop their own contrail identification and evaluation algorithms.

“In order to make progress on contrail avoidance and propose meaningful minimisation strategies, we need to have more and clearer data as soon as possible. With the network ContrailNet we seek to bring together experts dedicated to minimising the non-CO2 impact of aviation, share results, and create a common repository of contrail observation data to foster scientific consensus,” explains Marylin Bastin, Eurocontrol head of aviation sustainability.

“Understanding aviation’s non-CO2 emissions impact on climate has continuously improved over the past decade,” adds Alain de Zotti, head of aircraft architecture and integration at Airbus.

“Nonetheless, further research is needed both on climate science, weather forecasting and Air Traffic Management technologies, to ensure future non-CO2 mitigation is truly effective. Airbus is leading CICONIA, a cross-industry project supported by SESAR JU and the European Commission, in pursuit of this objective. Further sharing and collaborating with industry partners by contributing CICONIA results to ContrailNET creates a common scientific understanding to achieve those goals.”

Image accredited to Eurocontrol sustainable skies summit

Author: FTN Editor

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