Ravenair airline preparation course

Liverpool John Lennon Airport-based approved training organisation (ATO) Ravenair has launched a new course designed to prepare commercial pilot graduates applying for airline positions.

Ravenair has developed the course in collaborations with an experienced Virgin Atlantic recruitment pilot, who has devised and delivered pilot recruitment programmes for a number of airlines.

Named the Airline Preparation Course, it comprises a comprehensive programme covering various aspects of the recruitment process, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared and confident when undertaking an airline interview.

Key features include:

Group interview preparation

The course provides group interview preparation, for when airlines conduct group exercises to determine how well they perform in a multi-crew environment. Participants will engage in activities that help develop essential skills such as team building, decision making, and communication.

CV review and workshop

Ravenair says the course will help pilots’ CVs stand out from the rest, by professionally summarising experience, qualifications and personal strengths.

One-to-one interview practice

The course includes personalised interview sessions where participants can practice their interview skills with expert guidance, helping them build confidence and answer questions precisely, demonstrating the ability and knowledge relative to airline pilot competencies which pilots are graded against.

The Airline Preparation Course is priced at £295 per person, conducted in groups of six, run on an on-demand basis.

For more information, mail Ravenair.

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Author: FTN Editor

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