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UK GA airfield survey launches

An aviation association established to protect the interests of General Aviation (GA) airfields is launching a survey this month designed to gather information on this vital, but dwindling, segment of UK aviation infrastructure.

The Airfield Operators Group (AOG) says that a Strategic Aerodrome Network (SAN) has been discussed for many years but has yet to take root and in the meantime many airfields are continuing to come under threat of closure and redevelopment into housing estates.

Working in partnership with the UK VFR Flight Guide, the AOG is running a survey aimed at gathering information about UK GA airfields, encompassing airfield activity, characteristics and general information that can then be used to establish a database of airfields that are strategically important to the UK aviation industry. The plan is to then use this database to provide government and regulators with a resource that highlights the value of UK airfields and which can be used by airfield operators if they are subsequently put under threat of redevelopment.

The initiative has already garnered support from a number of aviation associations, including the British Microlight Aircraft Association, the Light Aircraft Association and the General Aviation Alliance.

“The British Microlight Aircraft Association stands with the Airfield Operators Group and their ‘Strategic Aerodrome Network’ initiative as we recognise the paramount importance of airfields to our activities. Please support the AOG by completing this questionnaire.”
Rob Hughes, CEO of the BMAA

“The Light Aircraft Association supports this initiative and recommends you take the time to complete this questionnaire which will provide important data to help us protect and preserve our airfields.”
Simon Tilling, CEO of the LAA

“I think this is a very good move and I fully support this initiative.”
Sir John Allison, President of the GAA

Image credit: Flyabout Aviation

Author: FTN Editor

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