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British Airways newly qualified pilot pathway open for applications

British Airways opens its newly qualified pilot pathway (NQPP) programme. The programme allows newly qualified commercial pilots that meet the airline’s entry criteria to apply for a piloting job with the flag carrier.  

NQPP programme applicants must have completed all aspect of flying training and either be in possession of a UK Part-FCL Licence or have submitted their licence application to the CAA.

Applicants with an European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Licence who have not yet initiated a licence conversion via the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or started this after the 31 of December 2022 or hold an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) licence, can apply only when the process is complete and a UK Part-FCL is held.

According to British Airways: “This is a key time to be joining British Airways as we Build a Better BA. We take huge pride in our past, but we are looking to the future as an airline that loves embracing the best of modern Britain. Our country’s creativity, diversity, style, with and warmth are the same special qualities that make us who we are.”

The British major states that applicants must meet the minimum criteria listed on the job description. Applicants who do not meet the minimum criteria will not be processed and will be unable to reapply for 6 months following their initial application.

Furthermore, applicants may only apply to one airline within the British Airways family (British Airways, Euroflyer, or Cityflyer) at a time. Applicants that are unsuccessful in one campaign, will be unable to reapply to any of the three airlines within the British Airways family until the specified re-apply period has elapsed.

To be considered for the NQPP applicants will need:

  • 85% ground school average with no more than three resits
  • First-series CPL & IR pass (Series 1, Attempt 1 or Series 1, Attempt 2)
  • Attended no more than 3 training providers for the following phases of training: Ground School, CPL/IR and APS MCC
  • To hold a UK CAA Class 1 medical and meet British Airways medical criteria
  • ELP ICAO Level 6
  • A valid passport (with minimum of 12 months before expiry date) allowing unrestricted worldwide travel.

Visit Careers at British Airways for a detailed listing of all the entry requirements and to apply for the vacancy.

Image accredited to British Airways

Author: FTN Editor

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