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British Airways Speedbird Academy to return this year

BA recruitment team members Lucy Sylvester and Suzy Morgan confirmed the return of the airline’s Speedbird Academy in 2024 in a recent interview with FLYER Livestream. 

During the interview, which featured insights into Suzy’s career from gliders to captaining the Boeing 777 for British Airways, the pair confirmed the return of the hugely successful Speedbird Academy after it launched in 2023.

The 2023 Academy application process saw 24,000 people apply, with 8,000 making it through to th second round, of which all 8,000 applications were then manually reviewed.

Asked about the prospects for 2024, Lucy confirmed that the Academy will return with the same number of cadets as 2023. Last year saw the airline launch looking for 60 new pilots, but the final result was 100 successful applicants.

Watch the interview on FLYER Livestream’s YouTube channel – @FLYERTV 

Author: FTN Editor

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