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BGA launches National Women’s Go Gliding Weekend

The British Gliding Association (BGA) has announced that it is running a National Women’s Go Gliding Weekend on 27-28 April 2024.

The weekend event is designed to introduce more women (and their companions) into the sport of gliding by providing a friendly and informative welcome at participating gliding clubs, including opportunities for attendees to get airborne.

The following gliding clubs are participating:
• Banbury Gliding Club
• Bannerdown Gliding Club
• Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club
• Buckminster Gliding Club
• Burn Gliding Club
• Cambridge Gliding Centre
• Dartmoor Gliding society
• Dorset Gliding Club
• Edgehill Gliding Centre#• Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club
• Herefordshire Gliding Club
• Lasham Gliding Society
• London Gliding Club
• Mendip Gliding Club
• Midland Gliding Club
• Nene Valley Gliding Club
• Oxford Gliding Club
• Peterborough and Spalding Gliding Club
• Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre
• Rattlesden Gliding Club
• Yorkshire Gliding Club

For more information visit the British Gliding Association website. 

Author: FTN Editor

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