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Save Plymouth Airport petition quickly gaining momentum

After reporting that the lease holders of mothballed Plymouth Airport, Sutton Harbour Group (SHG), were facing legal action over an alleged breach of its lease covenants, a petition has now been started calling for the site to be protected for aviation use.

The petition, which had garnered a little over 3,000 signatures at the time of writing, states: “For nearly 15 years, the people of Plymouth have been without their airport. This loss has not only deprived us of a valuable resource but also stripped away a part of our community’s identity.

We believe it is high time to protect and re-establish the 113-acre site known as ‘Plymouth Airport’ purely for aviation use.

The airport was once a bustling hub that connected Plymouth to the rest of the UK and beyond, contributing significantly to our local economy. Since its closure, we’ve seen a decline in tourism and business opportunities that were once facilitated by this vital transport link.

“In addition, airports play an essential role in emergency services such as air ambulances and firefighting aircrafts – services which could be critical for our community during times of crisis.

“We are calling on relevant authorities to ensure that this land is protected again for another five years exclusively for aviation use. This action will not only restore an important part of our city’s infrastructure  but also signal commitment towards supporting local growth and development.”

Visit Change.org For more information about the petition to protect Plymouth Airport’s aviation future. 

Author: FTN Editor

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