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LIFT Academy orders Diamond Aircraft to meet growing demand

Diamond Aircraft and Leadership in Flight Training (LIFT) Academy announce an expansion of LIFT Academy’s training fleet. The addition of 50 DA40s and 6 DA42s to the fleet demonstrates LIFT Academy’s strong growth and its commitment to providing students with the skills needed for success.

This collaboration supports LIFT Academy’s cutting-edge program, which is designed to prepare student pilots for successful careers, specifically at Republic Airways, and one of the largest regional airlines in the US. 

The newest additions to the fleet will help bolster the training programs at the new campuses in Galveston, TX, and Myrtle Beach, SC, as well as the newest campus at Tuskegee University in Alabama.

“We are enthusiastic about expanding our fleet with additional DA40 NG and DA42-VI aircraft from Diamond Aircraft, reflecting our successful ongoing partnership. These aircraft are chosen for their advanced technology and fuel efficiency, which not only align with our sustainability efforts but also closely mirror the aircraft our pilots will operate at Republic Airways,” said Ed Bagden, director, flight operations and academic programs, LIFT Academy.

“This strategic expansion ensures that LIFT Academy continues to offer industry-leading training, preparing our students with a seamless transition to their careers as airline pilots,” Bagend adds.

Republic Airways, known best for its people, products, and performance, is the only regional airline to have established its own pilot training academy. This unique aspect ensures that students are trained from day one for a career with Republic, aligning with the airline’s mission to offer a safe and reliable flying experience. Republic’s partnership with major airlines, including American, Delta, and United, further amplifies the opportunities for LIFT graduates.

“We are honored to further strengthen our longstanding relationship with LIFT Academy and are looking forward to continuing our collaborative efforts for many years to come,” said Trevor Mustard, head of aircraft sales and marketing, Diamond Aircraft Canada.

Image accredited to Diamond Aircraft 

Author: FTN Editor

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