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Textron Aviation improves Cessna piston engined aircraft features

Textron Aviation announced the entry into service (EIS) of its enhanced Cessna Skyhawk, Cessna Skylane, Turbo Skylane and Turbo Stationair HD following first deliveries for each aircraft. The announcement comes after a record number of general aviation (GA) new aircraft deliveries was recorded in 2023. 

“These enhancements to the iconic Cessna piston family offer improved comfort, functionality and style,” said Chris Crow, vice president, piston sales. “Whether you’re a student pilot or an experienced aviator, the extensive product line-up offers something to meet your needs, elevate your flying adventures and inspire the journey of flight.”

These latest product investments aim to provide a modern and stylish tone that aligns with the newest Cessna Citation jets, while maintaining the renowned comfort, durability and performance of the iconic Cessna piston line-up.



The Cessna aircraft continue to be versatile and reliable tools that enable customers to fulfil a wide range of missions. The new interior designs include:

  • All-new comfortable seats with additional support and padding
  • Power headset jacks at every seat
  • A and C USB charging ports at every seat
  • Sleek, black instrument panels
  • Thoughtfully placed side and cell phone pockets throughout the aircraft
  • Integrated overhead air conditioning on equipped aircraft
  • A new center armrest available on certain models

When it comes to the exterior, owners can select from a variety of new modern exterior schemes to match their preferences.

Textron Aviation’s investment in the Cessna piston aircraft line-up demonstrates the company’s continued enthusiasm and support for pilots worldwide, whether they are pursuing training ambitions or planning their next adventure.

The company remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship to the aviation community. The new interior designs will be unveiled at the highly anticipated 2024 SUN ‘n FUN event in Lakeland, Florida.

Image accredited to Cessna by Textron Aviation

Author: FTN Editor

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