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FTEJerez taking Ryanair Future Flyer Academy applications

FTEJerez is accepting applications for the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy. The Spanish flight training organisation is one of Ryanair’s official partners and offers aspiring pilots the opportunity to embark on their aviation careers. 

Previously known as the Ryanair Mentored Programme, the Future Flyer Academy aims to train over 400 aspiring pilots in the next four years. The programme provides three distinct training paths, catering to individuals with varying levels of flying experience.

Integrated Ab-initio path

The Integrated Ab-initio path is the first route to open for applications at FTEJerez. It offers a comprehensive full-time programme designed for candidates with little to no flying experience. Candidates selected for this course will receive extensive training, including a complete European Union Safety Agency (EASA) and/or UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) programme, culminating with a Ryanair 737 type rating. 

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates are guaranteed positions as Second Officers at Ryanair, subject to necessary checks and requirements. 

Gateway 1 and Gateway 2 Pathways

Gateway 1 and Gateway 2 pathways will be open for applications at a later date, and provide opportunities for candidates with varying levels of flying experience.

The announcement comes after Iberia relaunched its cadet pilot training programme in association with FTEJerez Flight Training Europe, with the Spanish flag carrier funding 50% of the total training cost. 

For information on the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy, and to apply for the Integrated Ab-initio path, visit FTEJerez

Image accredited to FTEJerez 


Author: FTN Editor

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