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Revamp for Parliamentary Airfields Working Group

The Airfields Working Group section of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Aviation has announced a change of focus with aerodrome operator participation now representing a majority of its membership, ranging from small grass strips to large, licensed airports.

Following the departure of former chairman John Gilder, revamped group will be chaired by Matt Wilkins, an aerodrome operator for 14 years at Old Buckenham, with Louise Southern, Editor of the VFR Flight Guide for 27 years and Airfield/Airspace Data Manager at SkyDemon, taking up the Vice Chair role.

The revitalised group says it will be tackling various topics with a new agenda drawn from participants currently in airport operator roles who understand the challenges, threats and opportunities faced by airfields large and small.

Matt Wilkins says that the highest priority of the group are planning matters, such as National Grid’s pylon routes and their current and future impact on many UK airfields.

The group says it will also support the concept of a Strategic Airfield Network, with considerable work being undertaken by Louise Southern and fellow group member Ann Bartaby, who are busy data gathering from hundreds of UK airfields.

Matt Wilkins says: “The group is determined to work rapidly on this basis and provide reporting to the Lords and MPs who make up one of Parliament’s largest APPGs. That reporting will present real and practical suggestions as to how airfields, the essential element of aviation, can be preserved and enhanced.”

Author: FTN Editor

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