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Pilot Flight Academy launches fATPL scholarship

Norwegian ATO Pilot Flight Academy (PFA) has launched an fATPL scholarship, covering all tuition fees across an integrated 18-month training programme at the company’s headquarters in Torp Sandefjord Airport in southern Norway.

Open to European passport holders, PFA says it is particularly interested in attracting applications from individuals who might not otherwise have the financial ability to fund commercial pilot training, as well as individuals who, “through extraordinary social engagement or other merits”, have particularly earned this opportunity.

With a rolling intake programme, PFA says it aims to place the scholarship winner on a course starting in September 2024, with applicants required to apply no later than 01 August.

The scholarship is worth 1,100,000 Norwegian Kroner (approx. £80,000) and covers all semester fees at the academy.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old at the start of the program and not turn 34 in the same year.
  • Be between 150-200 cm tall.
  • Have completed secondary education.
  • Hold a valid European passport.
  • Be able to meet the medical requirements to obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner. A Norwegian Class 1 Medical Certificate must be held when starting the course.
  • Pass the admission test for Pilot Flight Academy before the application deadline (01 August 2024).
  • Meet the requirements to obtain a student visa for the flight phase abroad.
  • Submit a short motivational application letter (maximum 300 words).
  • Submit a short selfie video explaining why you deserve the free study placement (maximum 2 minutes).
  • Be active on social media and willing to document and share your study journey.
  • The applicant is expected to move into the Pilot Flight Academy dorm.

 The scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees which includes:

  • Theoretical training in Norway.
  • Travel to any secondary base.
  • Accommodation at any secondary base.
  • Approximately five months of flight training at any secondary base.
  • Travel back to Norway from the secondary base.
  • Approximately seven months of flight training in Norway.

 The scholarship recipients will need to cover the following costs:

  • PFA admission test fee: 500 NOK.
  • Aviation medical examination (currently 9 600 NOK).
  • Theory examination fee to the Civil Aviation Authority (currently 13 x 850 NOK).
  • Fee to the Civil Aviation Authority (certificate issuance, currently 6,110 NOK
  • Examiner fees for the CPL/IR Skills Test
  • Accommodation at PFA Campus: 6,000 – 7,000 NOK per month.
  • Any additional training beyond the standard training programme, if necessary, at PFA’s current rates.
  • Travel expenses for the medical examination in Oslo.
  • Travel expenses to and from Torp, Sandefjord.
  • Living expenses at any secondary base and Norway.

Applications should be sent to [email protected] by 01 August 2024 and the PFA entrance exam must be completed with an approved result for the application to be processed.


Author: FTN Editor

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