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easyJet to underwrite MPL training loans

easyJet to underwrite MPL training loansAs part of its ongoing pilot recruitment drive, easyJet is running an additional Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) training programme with CTC Aviation. The fulltime CTC WINGS MPL programme is designed to lead straight to a job as first officer with easyJet. Significantly, for those without access to the necessary training funds, the airline will act as underwriter of training loans, ranging in size from £30,000 to £100,000.

Successful candidates will join an 18-month programme that will take them through CTC Aviation’s purpose-built Crew Training Centres in the UK and NZ. Focused on easyJet-specific multi-crew operations, aircraft type and the airline’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the programme is designed to equip trainees for Airbus A320 type-rating training, line training and ultimately, a professional airline pilot career with easyJet.

Successful applicants can also benefit from CTC Aviation’s ‘Training Bond Sponsorship’, re-payable over a seven-year period, as well as an option to include the easyJet BSc (honours) degree in professional aviation practice, which provides an opportunity to unlock UK government student loans. Candidates will also be offered ‘Performance Protection’ which covers all fees associated with any re-tests a trainee may require during their training and even a full refund (less £5,000) of training fees should the school be forced to terminate training if the student fails to reach the required skills standard.

In partnership with the British Women Pilots’ Association, easyJet will also underwrite the full training loan for six successful female candidates as part of their ‘Amy Johnson Flying Initiative’, run exclusively with CTC Aviation.

To ensure those who have not yet completed their A-Level studies do not miss out on the opportunity to apply, the airline is allowing those with predicted grades that meet the required entry criteria to submit an application. The grades must be achieved and the applicant needs to be 18 years of age to commence training. The first successful candidates will begin their training during summer 2016.

Author: FTN

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