About Us

Flight Training News – known to many as just ‘FTN’ – is the only European publication focussed on flight training and the flying training industry.

From its first print edition published over 20 years ago, Flight Training News has grown to a full-colour newspaper-format, monthly publication with a world-wide readership. Because the majority of FTN’s editorial content is not covered by other aviation publications, over the years FTN has been first to publish many important aviation news stories and as a matter of editorial policy Flight Training News does not carry ‘advertorial’ articles. FTN regularly publishes ‘Where To Fly’ guide supplements listing training organisations and ‘Where To Apply’ guides listing scholarship and sponsorship opportunities. Other regular features include our unique ‘Data & Stats’ section, tracking the latest trends in aviation fuel prices, pilot licence issues, airline and manufacturer activity, and forecast pilot demand.

Our columnists and contributors include politian and pilot Lembit Öpik, James McBride (from the ‘Airline’ TV series), Darragh Owens and the mysterious ‘Tad Higher’, writing from the even more mysterious ‘Sinking In The Marsh’. Other respected aviation professionals contribute articles and news covering the whole gambit of aviation training and all FTN’s editorial activity is co-ordinated from the mythical ‘FTN Towers’, the location of which is a closely guarded secret.

FTN’s core readership groups are those actively planning to start EASA flight training, student pilots already training for an EASA licence and instructors and key decision-makers in EASA and professional flying schools worldwide. Flight Training News is also widely read by airline recruiters, aviation industry professionals, careers advisors, selected schools and universities, aviation regulators, and anyone with an interest in flying training and the flying training industry.