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First gyroplane night ratings issued

The UK’s first ever gyroplane night ratings to be issued by the CAA were presented to gyro instructors Ian Bryant and Steve Boxall on Monday 23 January.

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Richard (centre) presenting Ian and Steve with their ratings (Courtesy CAA)

The 2016 Air Navigation Order facilitated the introduction of a night rating for gyro pilots. CAA examiner Richard Craske asked Ian and Steve to help create the new rating because of their previous night flying experiences in other types of aircraft, as well as being gyro pilots. Richard Craske designed and oversaw the course as part of the new, soon to be introduced, commercial pilot’s licence (CPL(G)).

The next stage of this process is for Ian and Steve to gain the instructional privilege to teach at night. Once this has been completed the night rating will be available to all PPL(G) holders who meet the minimum experience requirements.

Author: Adrian Mahovics

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