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Cessna expands Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) network

Cessna has announced that its Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) network added 24 new partners in 2016, including five international flight schools in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Germany and Poland – there are four CPCs in Europe.


The CPC network makes up the world’s largest and most experienced flight training team,” said Doug May, vice president, Piston Aircraft. “Our commitment to supporting new pilot education and flight training is evident in the enthusiasm we see from our partner flight schools. Throughout 2016 we saw significant growth to the network and we are excited to continue that momentum into the New Year.”

Cessna say that the growth led to record CPC sales in 2016. The CPC network now includes a total of 163 flight schools, and Cessna say that they have plans for further growth and expansion.

Author: Adrian Mahovics

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