LAA Armstrong-Isaacs Bursary Scheme Extended

Five 2018-2019 Armstrong-Isaacs bursaries will be available to any pilot under the age of 30 in U.K PPL training, contributing up to £1,500 to assist in the completion of their course.

The funds will be lodged with the flying school of their choice and must be used exclusively for flying training or flight examinations. To qualify for these bursaries the young pilots are required to already have reached ‘first solo’ standard, have completed a minimum of two hours solo training and have gained the necessary medical and ground qualifications to continue their training. LAA CEO and Armstrong-Isaacs trustee Steve Slater adds:

“These funds offer support to young pilots who have already demonstrated their commitment to flying, by getting to solo standard at their own expense. However, the latter stages of the PPL are particularly financially challenging, with longer cross-country flights requiring greater outlay in aircraft rental costs. These bursaries may enable students to complete their training, when perhaps they may otherwise have had to suspend or even forego the completion of their course”

The Armstrong-Isaacs Trust is based on a major donation from David Armstrong, who was a member of the original ULAA in 1947, and a lifelong member of the PFA and its chairman from 1960 to 1964.

His legacy, co-named with aircraft designer and builder John 0. Isaacs, aided young flyers in gaining their licenses has since 1998. The link with David Armstrong remains, with his daughter Dr Jane Garrett forming one of the five-strong team of Trustees.

At the start of 2018 three recipients: Oliver Gallimore (18) from Lostock, near Bolton in Lancashire; Alex Manders (19) from Sawston in Cambridgeshire; and Gary Frederick (24) from Huyton, Liverpool; each received bursaries contributing £1,500 to assist in their completion of their flying training and flight examinations.

Applications for the 2019 bursaries will open on Monday 3rd September, with the completion of a form which can be downloaded from the LAA website at: www.

The closing date for applications will be Monday 26th November 2018. Following a selection process, successful recipients will be contacted in early 2019.

Author: FTN Editor

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