Air League Flying Scholarship Student Reaches First Solo

Harry Lundberg, winner of the 2019 Sir James Martin Flying Scholarship, has described the feeling of achieving his first solo flight:

“The experience of going solo was exactly how I had heard it described before, and was exactly how I dreamt it would be- exhilarating. There isn’t a lot of time during the solo to really let your feelings sink in, however, I remember vividly the rush I got once I had received my take-off clearance and was hurtling down the runway with full throttle. Once I had turned onto the downwind leg I had a spare moment to embrace the flying experience and remember feeling absolutely buzzing. After landing back on the ground, I just wanted to go back up and do it again.”

A Harry was presented with his ‘First Solo’ certificate by flying instructor, Dave Scott-Morgan, at South Warwickshire Flying School last month. Harry is currently pursuing a career as a Fuel System’s Design Engineer at Airbus Filton, and intends to return to South Warwickshire Flying School in the upcoming months to complete his licence.

Author: FTN Editor

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