Cirrus Target Flight Training Market

Cirrus Aircraft have announced a new series of aircraft based on their successful SR models aimed specifically at the flight training market.

The new line-up will be named the TRAC Series and will include flight training-specific features such as rear seat push-to-talk facility and a landing gear simulator aimed at increasing training productivity.

“Our commitment to flight training goes far beyond innovation in aircraft design to include a unique approach to attracting and training future generations of aviators,” said Zean Nielsen, CEO at Cirrus Aircraft. “The TRAC Series delivers a 21st century solution for world-class, forward-thinking flight training institutions.”

The integrated Perspective+ flight deck includes two large flight displays, a Flight Management System (FMS) keypad controller, an Electronic Stability and Protection system, as well as integrated engine indication and crew alerting/warning systems – all features found on today’s advanced airliners.

Cirrus Aircraft has redesigned the interior to meet the needs of a training environment, replacing the luxury materials found in the SR Series with a durable all-weather floor liner and easy to clean wear-resistant seats.

Cirrus says that the spacious cabin provides an optimal workspace to learn and train, with more space than typical training aircraft, rear seats for additional students or observers and optional air conditioning for comfort in all seasons.

The TRAC SR20 is equipped with a Lycoming IO-390, 215HP power plant and features an all-composite airframe structure with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®), making, the company says, the TRAC Series one of the safest and most versatile training airplanes available today.

The training aircraft are complemented by a number of interactive, tailored flight training content through Cirrus ApproachTM, the company’s online training portal including online courses, videos and iFOM (interactive Flight Operations Manual).

According to Cirrus, current training organisation operating Cirrus aircraft were consulted over the TRAC, including: Emirates Airline, Lufthansa Aviation Training, the United States Air Force Academy, Airbus Flight Academy, Western Michigan University, Oklahoma State University, Japan Civil Aviation College, and the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Author: FTN Editor

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