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BWPA launches 2022 pilot scholarships

The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) has opened its series of 2022 aviation scholarships, provided by the BWPA, SkyDemon, Easy PPL Ground School, 624 Squadron.com, CATS, Bristol Groundschool, Flight Deck Wingman, Wings Alliance, Helicentre Aviation, and the family of Oriana Pepper.

The BWPA offers scholarships every year to support women in the UK in achieving their flying dreams, underlying its key aim to promote their training and employment within the sector. The BWPA is delighted to be able to offer even more scholarships this year, thanks to the generosity of its sponsors.

“The figure of only 5–6% of professional pilots being women has remained unchanged in the UK for several decades. Whereas countries such as India have achieved 14%, the British population have remained largely unaware of opportunities in aviation for women,” explains BWPA Chairwoman Sharon Nicholson.

“For this reason, one of the BWPA’s stated key aims is ‘to promote the training and employment of women in aviation, and the promotion of practical schemes to assist women to gain air licences’ and why a proportion of our membership fees is used to fund scholarships. In addition, we actively work with partner organisations to extend what we are able to offer, and so help to raise awareness and increase opportunities available.

 “This year we are thrilled to be offering 23 aviation scholarships; four more than last year. These will be awarded to the most impressive and inspiring applicants with the hope that these scholarships will support them in achieving their ambitions and continuing to inspire others,” Nicholson adds.

The BWPA reports that well over 200 women from across the UK applied for the scholarships in 2021. Applicants must be BWPA members and will be asked to submit information on their current aviation experience, what they enjoy most about flying, why they believe they deserve the award and how they would use the award if successful. They will be shortlisted by a panel of judges who will determine which of the candidates show the most promise for their future flying.

These awards will help scholarship winners in various ways, says the BWPA, including gaining their first qualifications, building upon existing qualifications, starting their training to become commercial pilots, or assisting them in finding a first job with an airline.

Gemma Jefferies, last year’s winner of a BWPA Bristol Groundschool ATPL scholarship, says, “Being awarded a BWPA scholarship has been an amazing boost. I would not have been able to get this far without the great support of the Association.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the BWPA scholarships and awards should visit bwpa.co.uk

The 23 scholarships available this year are:

  • Four BWPA Flying Start Scholarships, for new pilots to gain their first qualifications.
  • One BWPA SkyDemon Flying Start Scholarship, as above, to include a one-year subscription to SkyDemon.
  • Three BWPA Flying High Scholarships, for licensed pilots who wish to gain further qualifications.
  • One BWPA SkyDemon Flying High Scholarship, as above, to include a one-year subscription to SkyDemon.
  • One BWPA Oriana Pepper Scholarship, to be awarded to a Flying Start or Flying High candidate who aspires to become a commercial pilot.
  • Two BWPA Easy PPL Ground School Scholarships, each for a Private Pilot Licence (A) ground school course.
  • One BWPA 624squadron.com Scholarship, for a female aviation enthusiast for her own special mission and flying adventure, donated in proud memory of 624 (Special Duties) Squadron Royal Air Force.
  • One BWPA CATS Scholarship, for a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL (A) or (H) distance learning theory course.
  • One BWPA CATS Full Time Scholarship, for a taught ATPL (A) distance learning theory course.
  • Two BWPA Bristol Groundschool Scholarships, each for half the value of an ATPL (A) or (H) distance learning theory course.
  • Three BWPA Flight Deck Wingman Scholarships, each for an Airline Assessment Preparation Course.
  • One BWPA Wings Alliance Scholarship, for an Airline Pilot Assessment.
  • Two BWPA Helicentre Aviation Scholarships, each to subsidise the cost of an integrated CPL (H).

Author: FTN Editor

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