British Women Pilots’ Association announces its 2023 aviation scholarships

The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) announces its 2023 aviation scholarships at this year’s Light Aircraft Association (LAA) ‘grass roots’ fly-in at Popham. The BWPA awards scholarships to women in the UK of all ages and backgrounds and helps them achieve their flying dreams.

To date the BWPA are awarding 12 scholarships and hopeful candidates can apply from September. Three of the scholarships are in partnership with SkyDemon and another is in partnership with the LAA.

The awards can be used for any type of flying and can be used to scholarship winners in various ways. This can include help starting out and gaining important first flying qualifications, building upon existing qualifications, and working towards a first paid flying job.

Winner of last year’s BWPA Flying Start Scholarship Angela Donnelly says: “Being awarded a BWPA scholarship not only provided me with the opportunity to continue my Private Pilot Licence training and journey towards the flight deck without financial restrictions, but to be part of an active community that inspires with their passion and joy of aviation.”

In 2022 the BWPA received about 200 applicants for its scholarships. The BWPS also has a focus on promoting women’s training and employment within the aviation sector.

Sharon Nicholson chairwoman at the BWPA adds. “Our scholarships are about more than just financial support. They can also change lives. Our winners tell us time and again that our belief in them made a lasting impact. Investing in their future leads to positive change, not only in their individual journeys but also in the broader landscape of aviation.”

Applicants must be BWPA members and will be asked to submit information on their current aviation experience, what they enjoy most about flying, why they believe they deserve the award and how they would use the award if successful. They will be shortlisted by a panel of judges who will determine which of the candidates show the most promise for their future flying.

Image accredited to the BWPA

Author: FTN Editor

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