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Important UK visual reference point no longer hiding in plain sight

A well-known Visual Reference Point (VRP) in Buckinghamshire is to start reappearing on UK aeronautical charts after having been previously removed due to new height depiction rules.

The Stokenchurch Tower used to be charted on the CAA/NATS VFR charts along with an entry in the UK AIP as an obstruction as it was over 300 feet above ground level (AGL).

However, when the Annex 15 definition of obstacles changed from 300 feet to 100 metres, the Tower was removed from all regulated publications as it was slightly below 100 metres AGL.

The CAA says that with its depiction back on the charts, pilots operating in close proximity to the Tower will be able to correlate their position in relation to notified airspace boundaries such as the changing base levels of the London terminal manoeuvring area (LTMA) and also the Wycombe Air Park/ Booker aerodrome traffic zone (ATZ) as well as the Halton ATZ and Benson military aerodrome traffic zone (MATZ).

Author: FTN Editor

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